It’s been a long time.

Yo. Hi. No one reads this anyway, but I feel like Doogie Howser and his little diary thing, so I will talk about what’s on my mind today.


So I’m reading the Daily News, and I get to this section talking about Queens. Turns out that people in Queens are the happiest in any borough. Really? I mean, if I’m going to live anywhere in NY it’s going to be Queens, but I didn’t really expect to see that. The article basically says it’s the least hip of any borough, and I’d LOVE to keep it that way. DIRTY HIPSTERS STAY OUT, THANKS.


Also in the newspaper, I been reading about that poor bastard Michael Phelps [this is the best one I’ve read.] Now, I had no idea who this guy is until he won all those medals, and I still really don’t care about him. I mean, props to you for winning and all, but I really don’t care. But what I DO care about is the way they are killing this guy in the media because he smoked a little weed. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not all for drugs and shit. I think it’s kinda sad when people have to do them to have fun, but whatever, to each his own I guess. I’ll save my judgment for you when I meet you, I’m real good at that. Anyway, those who endorse him threatened to pull out and he had people yelling at him from all angles. I feel bad for homeboy. 23 years old and he can’t even live. Like my good friend Flamez once said “gimme the money without the fame”. Oh I agree.


And last but most CERTAINLY NOT least, I was waiting for Fringe to start and American Idol was on in the background. Have any of you seen this girl? She is absolutely incredible, totally my type. Hook me up.

Talk soon, I suppose. Over&out.


~ by invasionspeaks on February 4, 2009.

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