The Pitts

I was down in Pittsburgh this weekend. The weird shit was so was señor futuradosmil on his baseball game/stadium tour. Noah and I chilled with him for like2 days. Hit up a game, Lexus club, shit was crazy. I don’t even see that dude as Futura2000 the artist anymore, he’s more like Lenny the friend/dad/traveler who gets excited about cameras and photos and artwork. Pretty awesome. If you’ve never went up to him when you see him, please do, one of the coolest dudes ever. If you’re in LA, his show is September 14-18 I believe. I’m gonna try go get over there. See you then.

Chronological highlights:



~ by invasionspeaks on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “The Pitts”

  1. I’d like to visit Pittsburgh again, to actually see it… when it’s not, like, 11-below outside.

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